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This is a tube folding version chambered in .223. The Valmet is the only assault rifle to pass the Alaskan State Trooper Trials. It went up against the FAL, Bid on Lot #3389: Valmet Inc M76 Carbine 223-5.56mm - Manufactured from 1978 to 1986. Valmet M78 Top Cover. Valmet 76 .223 Rem (R23380) Description :  May 5, 2020 File picture of Valmet M76 rifle / Credit: valmet.org website.

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The Valmet 82's receivers never cracked, the plastic stocks that they used would crack easily. That's actually a fairly common occurance with the Valmet plastic stocks on the M71 or M76. The plastic buttplates on the M76's also tended to crack easily. I posted a pic of the shotgun, so now il post a pic of the favorite, the m76w, 7.62x39, milled receiver rifle. This item is pretty rare in this config, supposedly less than 50 rifles as this were imported before valmet stopped selling in 1989. Ive owned quite a few vals but this is the one I I'd say leave them separate, but if the M76 article is too anecdotal and such, then change it.

Valmet M76 atau RK 62 76 adalah senapan serbu buatan Finlandia yang juga dibuat varian semi otomatisnya untuk pasar sipil. Senapan ini mengadopsi Rk 62, sedangkan Rk 62 mengadopsi AK-47.Senapan ini diproduksi dari tahun 1976 sampai 1986.

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detachment. This set has the standard assault rifle as their armament. I left these models as overlapping  84S1 type, Valmet M76 type.

Valmet 305 Manual - anna-gerra.com

Valmet m76

by grinding/filing the mags to fit the Valmet mag well. However, I don't recall how successful that really was but I think the Bulgy mags came to closest to work. Of course, Valmet M76 hay Rk 62/76 là súng trường tấn công nạp đạn bằng khí nén được Phần Lan phát triển, nó cũng có bản sử dụng chế độ bắn bán tự động để bán cho dân thường. Được phát triển từ khẩu Rk 62 (Rynnäkkökivääri 62, súng trường tấn công 62) nó là một dòng được sửa đổi của khẩu AK-47. 2020-12-16 2015-08-15 UNFIRED Valmet M76 .223 w/Original Magazine 100% Description: Up for your consideration is a beautiful Valmet M76 semi-automatic rifle chambered in .223. These Valmet Rifles were manufactured in Finland and few were imported into the U.S and they were only available for a few years until 1989. 2021-04-07 Pre-Ban Valmet M76 Semi-Automatic RifleManufactured from 1976 to 1986.

Valmet m76

God Jul och ett Gott 2014! Carl-Johan ”Kalix” Bergström, E74,  The Valmet M76 is an improved version of the Valmet M62 assault rifle. The M76 was adopted by the Finnish Defense Forces in 1976 as the 762 Rk 62 76. The same assault rifle was produced by both Valmet and SAKO, another Finnish gun maker. Production commenced in 1976 and ceased in 1986. Valmet M76 The RK 62 76, also known as the Valmet M76 is a gas operated assault rifle of Finnish origin, which was also made in semi-automatic version for civilian market.
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Valmet M78 Top Cover. Valmet 76 .223 Rem (R23380) Description :  May 5, 2020 File picture of Valmet M76 rifle / Credit: valmet.org website. Finnish rifle in ISIS hands. One of the weapons recovered during that Egyptian raid,  Mar 8, 2020 Valmet M76 'RK 62 76' .223 Rem SN: 163508 - Reata Pass Auctions.

Valmet m76 223rem.
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Nya finska vapen - Vapenkassunen - SoldF.com Forum

HK91 type, L1A1A type. HK93 type, SAR 48  VALMET MODEL 76 RIFLE: This rifle is chambered for 7.62x39mm.

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Used Sold [75] New Sold [9] NEW VALMET PRICE. 5.56mm NATO Finnish M76 Valmet 5.56 AK 47 AKM 16 inch " barrel. PRICE: $3,800.00 MANUFACTURER: Valmet I'm having a difficult time finding any references to the M76, just several sources that say this weapon IS the Rk 62, but the M76 is a commercial SAKO-Valmet designation.