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0. 0. Meaning; FLA: Fishpond Lease Agreement (Philippines) FLA: Future Large Aircraft (European Tactical Air Transport Concept) FLA: Field Level Agreement (various organizations) Full-Load-Amperage (FLA) refers to the motor's rated-current at rated-load and rated-voltage. This is the amount of current (amps) the motor will draw from the electrical system when producing its rated output horsepower.

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What does FLA stand for in Law? Get the top FLA abbreviation related to Law. What does FLA mean? This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of FLA explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. FLA Stands For : Full Load Amperes, Flexible Local Architecture. 1. FL- a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War Everglade State, Florida, Sunshine State Caloosahatchee Canal- a canal that connects Lake Okeechobee with the Caloosahatchee River in southern Florida to form part of the Cross-Florida Waterway wildin /wildin out: acting crazy and being free at a party or in general.

How do you use FLA. in a sentence? What are synonyms for FLA.? Fla definition in English dictionary, Fla meaning, synonyms, see also 'Fla.',flat',flag',flab'.

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The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Flå. The municipality of Flå was established when it was separated from the municipality of Nes on 1 January 1905. The municipality lies at the most southeasterly point in the valley and traditional region of Hallingdal.

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Fla meaning

It is one legal means of helping to protect a person from threats or acts of sexual battery defined by Florida Statutes (F.S.) Chapter 794, lewd and lascivious act  When it comes to powering motors, there are special rules in the Canadian Electrical Code to ensure they run reliably and safely. And that means the engineering  The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) of Jamaica. Starting in August 2017, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles began issuing a new, more secure Florida driver license and ID card.

Fla meaning

verb: sexual intercourse. noun: an attractive person. A slang expression used in Cork city, Ireland. Also spelt flah. Florida East Coast Industries. Business » NYSE Symbols. Rate it: FLA: Full Load Amperes.
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See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 Law FLA abbreviation meaning defined here.

verb: sexual intercourse. noun: an attractive person.
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Define FLA at Get FLA : Definition and Meaning. Check out What does of similar terms.

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